Holly Van Biene, ASID

Holly's interest in design has been lifelong. She is founder of Van Biene Interiors located in Bellevue , Washington . In addition to her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Art History from the University of California , Berkeley , she holds a three year advanced honors degree in Interior Design from Bellevue Community College . Holly is a Professional member of the American Society of Interior Designers, having acquired national certification in 1995. For several years she has been the ASID State Chairperson for STEP, a preparation program for the educational advancement of Interior Designers through national certification and licensing. Her work has won numerous awards.

Holly's knowledge of style and art throughout history, combined with her exuberant approach to modern form, make her designs unique, well thought out and able to fulfill a multitude of client's tastes. Her experience in living and working throughout the West including Alaska and Hawaii has given Holly's designs a modern style, infused with cultural and Pacific Rim influences. She approaches traditional and contemporary projects with equal enthusiasm.


I've never met a client who didn't have preferences. I believe my duty is to take those preferences and develop them into an artful, unique, functional environment that gives my client joy whenever they enter the room. I am the creative facilitator. However, an Interior Designer should never simply become an order taker. If a client is making a choice that I think is wrong, I tell them.

No element is too small to not be considered an important part of design. I strive to have each item an art form in itself. I always insist on quality materials. Each space should be livable, architectural and edited!


Never lose sight of what the clients' desires are. On larger projects, I prefer to work at the beginning with the builder/architect in a team approach. Developing a concept from the onset and bringing to the project highly skilled craftspeople, creates the ultimate backdrop for the furniture and accessories meticulously selected to make a house a home.


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